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Survivor: Gorgon Sisters (Orchid) by thesteedman Survivor: Gorgon Sisters (Orchid) :iconthesteedman:thesteedman 41 4 Commission: Not Swift Enough! by thesteedman Commission: Not Swift Enough! :iconthesteedman:thesteedman 15 0 Commission: SBS: Red and Clutch by thesteedman Commission: SBS: Red and Clutch :iconthesteedman:thesteedman 53 5 Dark-Fall: Squeezers by thesteedman Dark-Fall: Squeezers :iconthesteedman:thesteedman 63 2 Dark-Fall: Mutant Raiders by thesteedman Dark-Fall: Mutant Raiders :iconthesteedman:thesteedman 30 1 Dark-Fall by thesteedman Dark-Fall :iconthesteedman:thesteedman 43 7 Asphyxia: Buff Bearhug by thesteedman Asphyxia: Buff Bearhug :iconthesteedman:thesteedman 32 2 Asphyxia Vs Dolphin by thesteedman Asphyxia Vs Dolphin :iconthesteedman:thesteedman 43 0 Faith trapped by Asphyxia by thesteedman Faith trapped by Asphyxia :iconthesteedman:thesteedman 39 4 River: A Secret Admirer by thesteedman River: A Secret Admirer :iconthesteedman:thesteedman 60 9 Goddess of the Water - River by thesteedman Goddess of the Water - River :iconthesteedman:thesteedman 30 3 Faith and the Serpent by thesteedman Faith and the Serpent :iconthesteedman:thesteedman 62 5 Power of the Sith by thesteedman Power of the Sith :iconthesteedman:thesteedman 33 1 Commission: Claire by thesteedman Commission: Claire :iconthesteedman:thesteedman 16 1 Faith and the Demon by thesteedman Faith and the Demon :iconthesteedman:thesteedman 50 0 Captured by the Gorgon by thesteedman Captured by the Gorgon :iconthesteedman:thesteedman 67 6


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Survivor: Gorgon Sisters (Orchid)
Dr. Winston's notes:


Dr. Warrick's notes:

What little information is available on Orchid and her sisters simply states to stay well away. Though Esja is of no real threat, the same cannot be said for her older sibling Orchid. She is a devious creature, sadistic and twisted. Like Esja she is a Naga like creature, no doubt why Dr. Winston named the three the Gorgon sisters, but thankfully neither has possessed the ability to turn one into stone with a glance. However, unlike Esja, it does seem Orchid possesses an ability besides her capabilities as a dangerous Naga. I have never encountered anything like her on the island thus far, and though fascinating, I must stay away from her at all costs.

Besides the obvious serpentine tail, which I may add is very capable of crushing and constricting potential victims to death, Orchid has a means to secrete unusual pheromones, visible as a faint pink mist from her skin. Inhaling this scent is an... intoxicating experience. They calm the mind, ease the senses and bring forward... false passions I will name them. I felt myself... falling for Orchid, and she used her pheromones to lead me into an embrace which I foolishly welcomed whilst under the influence of this fascinating ability. Realising my predicament I tried to resist, I always prized my strong will but escape was proving to be near impossible with her strength making a mockery of my own.

Orchid had her way with me, taking quite an interest in my midriff. Overpowered and constantly breathing in her unique scent, I felt my will slowly seeping from me as her pheromones seep from her flesh. Her tail crushed my waist with increasing pressure, and her hands continued to explore my flesh. Part of me wanted to allow her to continue, but I knew I was in trouble. Her kisses were even more deadly, and I can't help but speculate that some kind of similar substance to her pheromones was also present within her saliva, though much more potent as my will began to fail more each time she kissed my skin.

She made no effort to communicate, and simply giggled at my efforts to escape. I know not what her true intent was, but I imagine it was nothing to my benefit. Fortune favoured me only because the Nightshade Tribeswomen ambushed us. Orchid revealed a more aggressive side when she began to butcher them with ease, using superior strength to break the spines of the attackers with her tail and arms... it was during the ordeal however that I made my escape. For a time, a deep sensation remained within me. I wanted to return to her... but I knew it was my mind and her abilities working against me. The effect has since worn off, and I know I must stay away from Orchid at all costs. I hope to find more information on these Gorgon sisters... and I fear the day should I meet the final sister.


Been a little while since we last saw Dr. Warrick. Thought we'd check in on her and see how she was doing. As always her adventures are ... interesting :P
Commission: Not Swift Enough!
This is a commission piece I did for :iconlovinsqueeze: who requested that Swift be captured in a giant hand squeeze. Who better to use then Asphyxia! It seems her transformation abilities have no limits if she can also grow in size!! Or perhaps this is Non Canon? Who is to say! Either way, it seems Swift is not even safe on the rooftops of the city she protects!

If your interested in a commission piece yourself hit me up with a note! Hope you guys like the image that is from the imagination LovinSqueeze!
Commission: SBS: Red and Clutch
Commission piece for :iconwindseeker04: featuring his created Secret Bikini Squad Villain 'Clutch' sharing a unique moment with SQUEEZE Master Mind Red Python! Who would have thought these two members of SQUEEZE were bed fellows? And it seems the two are having a mini tussle behind the scenes as Clutch puts the squeeze on her Leader! Even Villainess' seem to have playful moments when they are not trying to take over the world!
Dark-Fall: Squeezers
Little is known about the Squeezers. They are snake like tentacles that can burst from anywhere, often ensnaring prey and squeezing the fight out of them. Rayne has encountered several squeezers but has managed to escape their constricting grasp, though she will admit all those encounters so far have been very close calls. Those who succumb to their embraces without escaping are taken away never to be seen again. They are dangerous and powerful, and seem unnaturally aware of their surroundings.

Most constrict their prey, but sometimes squeeze powerful enough to break the spines of even Mutant Raiders or those infected with the Rot. Whatever they are, where ever they come from, extreme caution must always be made when around a Squeezer, though more often than not you will not see it coming!
Dark-Fall: Mutant Raiders
One of the most common enemies in the dangerous apocolyptic world as Raiders. What is worst than a Raider? Mutant Raiders! Altered by chemical radiation, most die young from illness. Those that survive however, their bodies seem to harness the energy, allowing them to mutate, often becoming stronger and much toughter. More exteme mutations can occur, but most simply grow in strength but also grow more chaotic and raged. Rayne herself is enhanced but through other means... and is able to take severe damage from overpowering foes. A good job too, as this Mutant Raider would have broken her back by now!
Thought I would try my hand at making some commissions if people are interested! Like everyone else I'm kind of poor these days so I thought I'd make myself into a proper mercinary and pitch commission prices. If you are interested hit me up with a note and we will talk.

Here is the pricing I got.

Constriction Peril Request: £5 GBP

If you simply wish to have a small commission featuring my already established characters in peril you are more then welcome to for £5. This special commission can feature any of my main characters that belong to me in constricting perils from established villains and creatures you have already witnessed in my gallery.

Single Character Image: £10 GBP

This will cover me making a single character image for you, mostly if you wish to see an OC of yours brought to life or perhaps even another established character so long as you have their permission. Naturally my software has limitations so it is not certain if I will be able to replicate more complicated characters, but for £10 I don't think that's a bad shout. Bikini clad characters are naturally a favourite to make :D

Plus Character: +$5

If you wish to feature two characters or three in the image, it will be an additional £5 for each added character. 4 in an image is the max my computer can really handle.

So lets go with that for now! Let me know what you guys think!

Also... is it time I made a Sci-Fi character too? Or do you think Swift and the SBS kind of cover that area?


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